Our Services

Come, let's reduce the risk!

HIV counselling and testing

We ran a key populations and other vulnerable populations clinic with a sex workers’ cohort of over 5000 sex workers attending the clinic regularly and tested for HIV; with an (HIV prevalence of 35%). We test over 15000 persons annually. We ran a Drop in center at the facility serving Most at risk, Key and vulnerable populations that is linked to the clinic and provides all services including Testing services.

HIV care and treatment

The clinic currently provides ART to over 1500 clients majorly sex workers, MSMs, Transgenders and Drug users.

Pre Exposure Prophylaxis

We are implementing a Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Program- PrEP and we are among the first of the 6 selected sites in the country that service. Program started in 2018 July and to date we have enrolled PrEP Program over 2000 clients making MARPI a site that contributes to over 70% of the total number of clients on PrEP in the country.

Cervical Cancer Screening and proctology Program

This program focuses on delivering cervical cancer screening for females and proctologic examination for Anal lesions and pathologies. The program serves over 2000 clients annually at the clinic.

STI screening and treatment

STI screening and treatment program focused on screening, treatment and health education promoting early care seeking behaviors, STI prevention and control. We reach over 20000 clients with STI services annuall

Condom Program

This program promotes 100% condom use for our target populations. Under this program we distribute 3-5 million condoms annually to target populations including both male and female condoms. We have set up over 250 condom outlets in hot spots and installed over 100 condom dispensers.

Prevention with Positives activities

We have Strengthened referral linkages and collaboration with our partners to ensure that all identified positive clients in our program are linked to care and continue to be supported through our positive health dignity and prevention programs.

Communication for social and individual behavioural change

We have delivered behaviour change messages through small group targeted community dialogues and one to one (individual dialogues). Annually we reach over 12000 individuals with risk reduction and other health related messages.

HIV self-testing Program

HIV self-testing Program started in September 2018, we are targeting to distribute 9142 self-testing kits to high risk men. The aim is to reach the deeply hidden populations with HIV testing services. 330 kits have been distributed in the last two months and the program continues.

Centre of Excellence clinic

we have established a model “Drop In Centre” -DIC at MARPI clinic-Mulago which serves key populations and young people at the National referral hospital. This is one of its type in the country and it is a model that the Ministry is using to scale up friendly services in other facilities. Has been scaled up in Regional Referral Hospitals.

Regional referral Hospitals Key Populations Drop In Centers and Hubs Program

We ran Drop In Centers for Key and vulnerable populations in over 23 facilities majorly regional referral hospitals and some facilities strategically placed in high volume areas for Key and vulnerable populations. This is a Ministry of Health program aimed at scaling up friendly key populations interventions in regional referral hospital supported by Global fund through TASO. We are currently expanding the program to reach 40 facilities by 2020.

Sexual Reproductive Health and rights program

Focused on provision of information, products and services, we do family planning education offer choices and referrals. Annually we reach over 10000 clients with services. We deliberately provide information on prevention of unsafe abortion practices and referral for Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission -PMTCT. The four prongs of PMTCT are critically addressed in our clients and a number of children of sex workers found positive have been enrolled into care using the family centered approach.

Gonococcal Antimicrobial Resistance surveillance

We are one of the sites supported by Makerere University - Infectious Disease Institute (IDI) to implementing the Gonococcal Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Program (GASP) under WHO Antimicrobial Global Security Program.

Needle exchange Program for People Who Inject Drugs- PWID

We have piloted a needle Syringe Program supported by Global fund through KANCO-Uganda Harm Reduction Network and findings are going to inform further programing for PWID.

School Program

Working with POPARC-Positive Parenting and Responsible Childhood- a local NGO, we have reached over 10,000 children in school with sexuality education, sensitized over 500 teachers and held dialogue meetings with over 200 parents.

Learning site program

As a learning site we innovate, pilot and replicate intervention for national level scale up. We have innovated and piloted successfully a MARPI key populations friendly clinic model which is being scaled in the entire country for MARPs. And as such we ran a “Training and Capacity building program” targeting; Health workers, community resource persons, peer educators, CBOs and other civil society organizations. we target. In that regard we have trained over 300 peer educators for sex workers, MSMs and general community, 250 community condom distributors including an FC2 module as part of the training. We have built capacity of health care providers on targeted interventions for MSMs and Sex-workers from IDI, MUJHU, TASO, Baylor, KCCA, Entebbe Grade B, Naguru Teenage Centre, Mbuya Outreach, Kitebi HCIII, Mukono HCIV, Bwaise Health Clinic and Lusaka Life Care among othersear we also ran a joint leadership training program for sex workers with FAHAMU under the-Sex Workers Leadership Institute (SWLI) initiated by Fahamu, with a purpose of developing the leadership of the SW organisations. The SWLI pilot programme targets Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Namibia.