One prevention method alone or an approach cannot end the HIV epidemic on its own. Several methods and interventions have proved highly effective in reducing the risk of, and protecting against, HIV infection, including male and female condoms, the use of antiretroviral medicines as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), Post – exposure prophylaxis (PEP), behaviour change interventions to reduce the number of sexual partners, the use of clean needles and syringes, opiate substitution therapy (e.g. methadone) and the treatment of people living with HIV to reduce viral load and prevent onward transmission.

Inspite of the availability of the HIV prevention tools and methods and the extensive scale-up of HIV treatment in recent years, new infections among Key and priority populations have not decreased sufficiently.

There are reasons seem to underpin the failure to implement effective programmes among the key populations and priority populations and these include; lack of political engagement and, as a result, there no clear policies for KPs; reluctance to address sensitive issues related to young people’s sexual and reproductive needs and rights, and to key populations and harm reduction; and a lack of systematic prevention implementation, even where policy environments permit it.

MARPI through the support from different funders is trying to provide the HIV prevention service to the populations and over 100,000 KPs have at least received a preventive service including condom where over 7,800,000 pieces of male condoms have been distributed &  29,000 pieces of female condom. More than 85,000 FSW have been reached, over 13,000 Non-Injecting Drug Users,1423 vulnerable youth, 990 Uniformed personnel, 9900 Truckers, 850 Men having Sex Men, 230 Injecting Drug Users, 520 Fisher Folk, 2200 bar girls/Attendants and 4200 General Populations have been reached with the prevention services. Access to combination prevention options, including condoms, PrEP, harm reduction especially young women and girls in high-prevalence and also the  key populations

In 2017, MARPI was one of the first facilities to administor PrEP among KPs & PP. More than 5000 KP/PPs have been  screened for PrEP and over 2500 have been initiated on PrEP and these include  female sex workers(FSW), Men having sex with men(MSM), Injecting drug users (IDUs),Persons in prison (PP), Transgenders(TG), Discondant couples(DC), Adolencent girls and yound women (AGYW),vulnerable youth (VY), Truckers and others.