Build capacity for advocacy, empower and jointly work with communities and other stakeholders to advocate for uptake of HIV/TB/STI/SRH interventions, elimination GBV and economic empowerment at community and other levels.

Advocacy is one of strategies that MARPI is using to increase awareness, uptake, acceptability, usability of services and interventions for the targeted populations and communities. A number of advocacy activities are conducted targeting duty bearers and beneficiaries.

Key Activities.

  1. Popularize and disseminate information on proven evidence based interventions and models for scale up.
  2. Sensitize duty bearers on policies, laws, guidelines, directives, social norms that enhance and those that hinder access to HIV/TB/STI/SRH services and interventions.
  3. Dialogue with cultural, religious, political leaders, parents, guardians, community gate keepers on negative socio-cultural gender norms that affect access and acceptability of HIV/TB/STI/SRH interventions.
  4. Train, orient and sensitize key population, young people and other most at risk populations in advocacy.
  5. Advocate with communities to eliminate discrimination, violence, harmful practices against women, girls and other persons.
  6. Empower and promote women’s full and effective participation in making decisions on their health and other related issues with special focus on adolescent girls and young women.
  7. Educate communities on sexual and reproductive health and rights.
  8. Orient and educate communities on use of enabling technology and platforms for information and communications technology to promote the empowerment, learning and sharing of valuable information.