Research, Innovation & e-Health.

MARPI promotes innovation, generate and advance new knowledge and understanding using implementation science approaches. This involve demonstration and pilot activities aiming to show technical and operational feasibility to improve processes, services and technologies. Special focus is put on e-Health/m-Health to enhance reach, and access to Key and Priority populations, young people, vulnerable and other at risk Populations.

Key Activities.

  1. Innovate and support use of e-technologies and platforms to enhance communication between individuals and health services such as use of Toll free lines.
  2. Promote and enhance use of technologies and innovative platforms to augment treatment adherence, appointment reminder.
  3. Enrich community mobilization and health promotion campaigns using m-health.
  4. Boost consultations among individuals and between service providers and beneficiaries using m-Health.
  5. Stimulate m-learning by increasing access to online educational materials and information.
  6. Support communities and individual utilize m-health in decision making using decision support systems.
  7. Expand emergency management and reporting systems to deepen and widen use of m-health in emergency situation like Sexual Gender Based Violence – SGBV.
  8. Explore use of e-platforms and technologies to enhance data collection, management and reporting on health and other interventions.
  9. Conduct implementation research and demonstrations models to inform programs and policies.
  10. Widen and deepen innovative interventions and demonstrations for effective linkage, care, retention and treatment for People Living with HIV – (PLHIV), TB, STI, GBV, SHR&R with greater focus on young people especially adolescent girls and young women(AGYW).