Training & Mentorships.

Training and mentorship are integral to MARPI Clinic’s strategy for health system strengthening. Our comprehensive training programs cover various clinical and non-clinical areas, such as HIV treatment, tuberculosis management, STI screening, patient communication, and ethical practices. These programs are designed to provide practical, hands-on experience and are regularly updated to incorporate the latest evidence-based practices. By equipping our healthcare providers with up-to-date knowledge and skills, we ensure that they can deliver high-quality, patient-centered care.

Mentorship at MARPI Clinic involves pairing less experienced staff with seasoned professionals who provide guidance and support, fostering a supportive learning environment. This model not only enhances clinical skills but also focuses on leadership development and career progression. Continuous professional development is encouraged through workshops, conferences, and an online learning management system. The impact of these initiatives is significant, leading to more confident and competent staff, better patient outcomes, and a resilient health system capable of adapting to evolving healthcare needs.