HIV Testing:

We provide both facility-based and community-based HIV testing services, ensuring confidential and rapid testing with immediate results and counseling. Our community outreach brings testing directly to key populations through mobile clinics and health workers.

Condom and HIV Self-Testing Kit Distribution:

We distribute condoms and HIV self-testing kits to promote safer sex practices and increase accessibility to HIV testing among sex workers, men who have sex with men, transgender individuals, and people who inject drugs.

Education Sessions:

Our education programs deliver targeted messages on HIV prevention, sexual health, and safe practices, specifically designed for key, vulnerable, and priority populations. These sessions help raise awareness and reduce stigma.

Community Sensitization and Dialogue Meetings:

We conduct regular dialogues and sensitization meetings to educate and engage the community, fostering an enabling environment for key populations. These efforts include mentorship and support supervision to ensure the effectiveness of our prevention strategies.

Comprehensive Screening and Care:

Our prevention initiatives also include proctology services, cervical cancer screening, STI screening and treatment, and family planning. These services are tailored to the specific needs of our key populations, ensuring comprehensive care and support.