Health for Everyone

Let's end HIV/AIDs in KVPs by 2030

Join us in providing essential non-discriminary  HIV/TB services to KP/PPs as we end HIV by 2030 in Uganda.

MARPI Priority Areas.

Priority Areas that Inform
Interventions During Implementation.

Capacity Building

Enhance service providers' and communities' capacity to deliver tailored HIV/TB, STI, and SRH services to Most at-risk and vulnerable populations.

Service Delivery

Increase access to quality, tailored HIV, TB, STI, and SRH services and information for key, priority, young, Most at-risk, and vulnerable populations.

Community Empowerment

Empower communities of KP/PPs to engage in health, economic, and leadership activities for improved participation and development.


Empower communities and stakeholders to advocate for HIV/TB/STI/SRH interventions, GBV elimination, and economic empowerment at all levels.

Research & Innovation

MARPI fosters innovation via implementation science, piloting to enhance e/m-Health access for vulnerable populations, prioritizing youth and most at-risk groups.
Testing . Treatment. Suppression.

Support our mission
to extend prevention, Care & Treatment.

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Our purpose

Health people, socio-economically empowered communities.

Our mission is to reach out to the socially, economically and legally marginalized, stigmatized and discriminated populations with HIV/TB/STI/SRH&R services and socio-economic interventions.

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Service offerings

Diverse programs for facility & community support

Programs focusing on prevention, HIV testing, and ART among key populations and priority populations are essential to reduce transmission, ensure early diagnosis, and provide effective test & treat.

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Collaborative networks

Building strong community alliances for impact

We collaborate with a network of organizations, ministry of health, and community leaders to expand resources, enhance services, and create sustainable solutions.

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Support our cause

Make a difference today and donate for change

Your donation enables us to continue providing vital services such as HIV prevention, HIV testing Services, Care & Treatment, & assistance in legal aid, thus, making a meaningful impact.

Fostering Unity and Collaboration with Our Dedicated PAST & CURRENT Partners
Reaching out to KP/PPs in the Community.

Key to Prevention of HIV
Targeted HIV Testing Services for KP/PPs.

HIV Testing, condom education , care & treatment at the forefront.

MARPI offers a wide ranges of services like HIV testing, self testing, condom education, PrEP services, proctology services, PEP, Care & Treatment to all Key, Vulnerable and priority populations. MARPI has established over 21 drop in centers across the country in different regional referral hospitals and health facilities.

KP/PPs Tested for HIV
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KP/PPs in Care
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Empowered Lives: Stories of
Hope and Transformation through KP/PP HIV Programs

KP/PPs that have transformed there lives throughout the journey with MARPI Clinic, where FSW, MSM, TGs, LGBTQIA+ have become CEO, MDs e.t.c.

MARPI Board Of Director.

Dr Kambugu Fred

Chairperson Board

Together, we lead in HIV/TB prevention and compassionate care for all Key, Vulnerable & Priority populations.

Dr Kyambadde Peter

Executive Director

Dedicated to MARPI: providing essential HIV/TB prevention, care, and treatment services.

Mrs. Matha Ludigo

Treasurer to Board

Ensuring MARPI's financial health to sustain vital HIV/TB services effectively.

Mr. Kimbugwe Moses

Board Member

Proudly supporting MARPI’s initiatives to combat HIV and TB effectively among KP/PPs.

Ms. Namakula N Daisy

Board Member

Committed to advancing MARPI’s impactful HIV/TB and prevention programs.

Princes Nasolo Pauline

Board Member

Empowering MARPI's efforts: advancing HIV/TB prevention/treatment services.

MARPI Latest news

Stay informed about our
News, Events & different activities

Heads of KP CSOs at MARPI Annual general Meeting.

Heads of KP CSOs at MARPI Annual general Meeting.

KP CSO leaders attended MARPI’s AGM at Hotel Africana, where the MARPI clinic unveiled its strategic plan for 2023-2025.

Clinic meeting to forge ways to address the existing gaps.

Clinic meeting to forge ways to address the existing gaps.

Collaborating towards shared goals significantly enhances teamwork and strengthens bonds among all staffs

Involving Health Workers for KP-Friendly Services

Involving Health Workers for KP-Friendly Services

Empowering health workers to deliver effective, inclusive KP-friendly services for communities.

Celebrating Success: MARPI Clinic’s End of Year Party & Achievements

Celebrating Success: MARPI Clinic’s End of Year Party & Achievements

Reflecting on a year of triumphs, bonding, and embracing future endeavors

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