Laboratory Services.

Diagnostic Testing

Our laboratory performs a wide range of diagnostic tests that are crucial for the early detection and management of various health conditions. HIV confirmatory tests & for patients living with HIV, routine viral load testing is essential to monitor the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy (ART). Blood samples are taken off and sent to CPHL and UVRL. By measuring the amount of HIV in the blood, we can determine whether the treatment is working effectively and make necessary adjustments to the therapy regimen.

In addition to viral load testing, our laboratory conducts CD4 count tests, Tb LAM, Serum CrAG, which are vital for assessing the immune function of HIV-positive patients. These tests help determine the stage of HIV infection and guide treatment decisions, ensuring that patients receive the appropriate level of care based on their immune status.

Patient-Centered Approach

Our laboratory services are designed to be patient-centered, ensuring that the testing process is as convenient and stress-free as possible for our patients. We understand that undergoing laboratory tests can be daunting, particularly for those who may be dealing with multiple health issues. Our laboratory staff is trained to provide compassionate care, offering clear explanations of the testing process and ensuring that patients feel comfortable and informed.

For patients who are unable to visit the clinic, we provide mobile lab services in the community that bring testing directly to their communities. This approach ensures that all patients have access to essential diagnostic services like HIV tests, VL and recency samples are taken off, regardless of their location or circumstances.