Most At Risk Populations Initiative

HIV Counselling & Testing. ART care. Cervical Cancer Screening

To date we have been able to establish a sex workers clinic with a cohort of over 5000 sex workers attending the clinic regularly and tested for HIV; with an (HIV prevalence of 35%). All the identified positives have been linked to care.

The clinic currently provides ART to over 1500 clients majorly sex workers, MSMs, Transgenders and Drug users.

Most At Risk Populations Initiative

MARPI (Most at Risk populations Initiative) is a legally constituted Private Not For Profit (PNFP) organization. The organization is affiliated to the National STD control unit- Mulago of the STD/ACP-Ministry of Health and registered as a Non-Governmental Organization-(NGO) under the NGO board.

The organization was founded in 2008, following a realization there risk and the vulnerability of HIV greatly varied from population to population. Some are much more vulnerable to HIV/STIs and others are already have a burden that is disproportionately much greater than others. This remains clearly evidenced in variations in HIV prevalences and in which populations most of the new infection are arising from. A glaring example is that of sex work where HIV prevalence is 35% compared to 7.3% in the general population.


Universal access to SRH&R/STD/HIV/AIDS interventions and services for Most at Risk, Key and vulnerable populations in Uganda


A health population free of HIV/STIs and other negative health outcomes


To contribute towards the universal access of HIV/AIDS prevention care and treatment, STIs and SRH&R interventions among the Most At Risk, Key and Vulnerable Populations.