MARPI since 2008 has been at the forefront of building resilient health systems that are key  to access and utilization of integrated SRHR and HIV services for key and vulnerable populations in Uganda. MARPI is a pioneer organization in direct provision of integrated SRHR and HIV services for Most at Risk Populations in Uganda and has since built capacity of other institutions – small and big to take a lead on integrated SRHR and HIV services for most at risk populations in Uganda and the greater east African community. The MARPI model is premised on “using self to find self” – more of nothing for us without us, in this model, MARPI embarked on use of peer led community engagement and penetration, placing the beneficiaries at the center of program implementation, organizing for outreaches, supporting moonlight activities and being central in referral and linkages for integrated SRHR services. Lastly, MARPI is operating in over 23 DICs in Uganda, of which some are in Rwenzori region in the mentioned

MARPI provides range services including; HIV counselling and testing program, Social and Behavioural Change Communication Program, Condom Programming, Training and Capacity building programs, Sexual Reproductive Health and rights programs, LGBT care services program, Positive Health, Dignity and Prevention-PHDP, HIV care and treatment and Family Planning clinic and Cervical Cancer Screening Program.

MARPI has been at the fore front of championing integrated HIV/SRHR service delivery for key and vulnerable populations in Uganda. In such a pioneering field, for MARPI to register successes, it has utilized a number of strategies including mentorship and coaching of key population led CBOs and CSOs to take up leadership in its sector, including ownership and buy in but also to amplify their voices in terms of demanding for space in such a restrictive environment. In addition, MARPI has supported KP led CSOs in program implementation, monitoring and evaluation, networking and coalitions building including organizational capacity development leading to participation of CSOs at the Country coordinating mechanism for global fund in Uganda, Uganda AIDS commission and MOH technical working group for key populations.